33 Blogs to Learn about Meditation [April 2022]

In this article, you can find a list of blogs, communities, and influencers that periodically publish posts with the latest trends about Meditation.

33 Blogs to Learn about Meditation [April 2022]

In this article, you can find a list of blogs, communities, and influencers that periodically publish posts with the latest trends about Meditation.

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Mindfully Speaking

A forum for sharing ideas and inspiration based on the teachings of the Buddha, spirituality, yoga, and related poetry. Mindfully Speaking has 1,797 followers, 7 editors, and 92 writers.

Latest posts:

An Inner Knowing of Ultimate Potential
You are a part of the Universe’s rhyme
It’s Called a Practice for a Reason
Being again and again and again

Sant Mat Meditation and Spirituality

This Living School of Spirituality called Sant Mat is also known as The Way of the Saints and Poet-Mystics, Radhasoami, and, The Path of the Masters. The meditation practice is Surat Shabd Yoga: "Union (Yoga) of the Soul (Surat) with the Inner Light and Sound of God (Shabd).”. Sant Mat Meditation and Spirituality has 1,284 followers, 1 editor, and 0 writers.

Latest posts:

Following a Daily Meditation Schedule
“If we set a fixed time for our meditation, and we also set a fixed place for sitting for that meditation, then the mind also gets used to…
Excerpted from, The Extent Of The Grace The Master Extends Is Without Any Bounds, a Satsang…
ALL SAINTS HAVE PRAISED the Grace and greatness of Their Masters because only with the Grace of Their Masters They have been able to gain…

Spiritual Tree

Planting Seeds of Spirituality — To spread Peace of mind, Positivity and Happiness through Spiritual Connections. Spiritual Tree has 2,111 followers, 1 editor, and 455 writers.

Latest posts:

My Journey With God
A Poem
Maybe We Are All Angels
Our pinions in our backpacks

Stoicism — Philosophy as a Way of Life

Articles about Stoic Philosophy for modern living. Stoicism — Philosophy as a Way of Life has 8,790 followers, 1 editor, and 96 writers.

Latest posts:

Stoicism and Feminism
Does Stoic philosophy symbolise women’s equality?
Stoicism at Plato’s Academy
A Walk in the Park of Philosophy at Athens

Big Self

Community-sourced writings on emotional wellbeing, mental health, and soulful work. Big Self has 1,152 followers, 4 editors, and 69 writers.

Latest posts:

Three Reassuring Thoughts for the Next Time You Catastrophize
#2 Your “if-this-then-that” stories aren’t true
5 Scientifically Proven Reasons to Listen to Music While Working
How to get things done with the music

CRY Magazine

(Creat)ivity + (E)motion | A Medium Publication for Creatives Navigating Emotions. CRY Magazine has 2,453 followers, 3 editors, and 523 writers.

Latest posts:

Dear Abby, Yes Vulnerability is Strength, Ask Me How I Know
Finding the power in powerlessness and the serenity in surrender
Empathic Distress
A few words on perspective

Change Your Mind Change Your Life

Read short and uplifting articles here to help you shift your thought, so you can see real change in your life and health. Change Your Mind Change Your Life has 20,959 followers, 1 editor, and 1,000 writers.

Latest posts:

How Fasting Every Day for Three Years Has Changed My Health & Weight
I wish I had embraced the power of intermittent fasting earlier
How Mediumship Has Been Studied by Science
The research, the certification process, and my own story.

Live Your Life On Purpose

Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion. Live Your Life On Purpose has 22,148 followers, 2 editors, and 1,000 writers.

Latest posts:

Your Success is a State of Mind
It’s a lot simpler than you thought
7 Amazing Mindsets a Stoic Roman Emperor and an Ultra-Marathoner Share
That we should all learn as well

The Blog Of Darius Foroux

Creator of the Stoic Letter | Author of 7 books and 6 courses at dariusforoux.com. The Blog Of Darius Foroux has 58,933 followers, 1 editor, and 0 writers.

Latest posts:

On learning from people’s negative behavior
Have you noticed how we’re often quick to judge others when they behave badly, but don’t look at ourselves with that same critical eye? I…
On the joy of owning nothing
I like the idea of minimalism. When we own too many things, our lives get cluttered. But if you really think about it, we actually own…

Personal Growth

Sharing our ideas and experiences. Personal Growth has 493,480 followers, 2 editors, and 32 writers.

Latest posts:

What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed With Your Life
There’s no shame in feeling a little tired or exhausted every now and then, but if you start to feel like overwhelm has become your…
30 Short Evening Habits to Enrich Your Life
End your day with a short nature walk to clear your head — away from screens.

Benefit Mindset

Serving the well-being of all. Benefit Mindset has 1,868 followers, 1 editor, and 1 writer.

Latest posts:

Being of benefit in challenging times
A care package for those of us who are caring for others
How holding space transforms our ability to respond
In this moment of great uncertainty, many of our leaders and space holders are facing complexities they have never had to face before.

Better Advice

Opinions about life, self-Improvement, personal growth and valuable life lessons. Humans need motivational spark and illumination to strength moral ascent. For that you need better advice. Better Advice has 16,834 followers, 1 editor, and 1,000 writers.

Latest posts:

The 6 Great Qualities of New Leaders.
#4: Allow contradiction.
Want to Completely Change Your Life? Take $100 and Do One of These 3 Things
Sometimes you only have to spend a little in order to gain a lot

New Earth Consciousness

Earth’s ascension to a spiritual 5th Dimension is accelerating, bringing new opportunities to create a better world for all. ‘New Earth Consciousness’ supports this transformation by publishing heart-centered writings on Ascension/Awakening, Channelings, and Other Insights. New Earth Consciousness has 754 followers, 1 editor, and 38 writers.

Latest posts:

11 Steps to Navigate Your Spiritual Awakening
Don’t give up if you find yourself struggling.
A Radical, New “Xin Xin Ming” (‘The Truth Mind’) of Zen Buddhism
The classic text of Chan / Zen Buddhism is re-interpreted from a contemporary nonduality perspective.

David Gerken

Meditation and Mindfulness teacher. Dad of three precious kids. Former writer for THE WEST WING. Follow me at davidgerken.net. David Gerken has 90,897 followers.

Latest posts:

Family Relationships Can be Rough — They’re Also a Goldmine for Spiritual Growth
I’ll show you how to mine that gold.
Why Getting Fired From The West Wing was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
A valuable lesson about adversity and good fortune.

Karo Wanner

Your weekly reminder to live in the present moment. Mindfulness insights+tips. Join 300+ reades👉FREE Sign up 💫Mindful Monday www.subscribepage.com/i5y4o4_copy. Karo Wanner has 15,387 followers.

Latest posts:

Try This Breathing Exercise to Calm Your Mind Within Seconds
What if you can control your autonomic nervous system?
I Burned Out Despite Being a Mindfulness Expert
How I recovered and what I learned from this life lesson.

Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol

Mindfulness teacher, poet, author of ‘The Well Mannered Penis’, ‘No Visible Injuries’, ‘Living Well and Loving ADHD’ ‘Julia’ and others. Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol has 19,523 followers.

Latest posts:

Mindful Mayhem
The gift of confusion and chaos
Mindfulness and Happiness
The purpose of life is to be happy

Shivendra Misra

20x Top Writer | Rethinking human growth through meditation and spirituality. Join me: bit.ly/reinventnewsletter 🙏🏻. Shivendra Misra has 44,706 followers.

Kate Lynch

I teach self-care, mindfulness, and yoga to parents of intense kids. Author of the upcoming book, Mindfully Parenting Atypical Kids. healthyhappyyoga.com. Kate Lynch has 8,853 followers.

Latest posts:

Was Your Child Recently Diagnosed With Autism?
3 reassuring Instagram Reels for you, from a parent who has been there.
‘Come From Away’ Brought Me Home
As the characters were having cathartic human experiences on stage, I had mine from my seat.

Zachary Phillips

Mental Health - Mindfulness - Poetry - Fiction. Zachary Phillips has 5,848 followers.

Latest posts:

Lips Like Velvet
a poem
Depressed? Do A Status Check.
a few questions to ask yourself to help reduce troubling symptoms

Thich Nhat Hanh

Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist. This account supported and monitored by lay and monastic dharma teachers. https://plumvillage.org. Thich Nhat Hanh has 18,938 followers.

Latest posts:

The Miracle of Mindfulness
Join us this fall, and learn from Thich Nhat Hanh’s beloved community how you can bring the miracle of mindfulness into your daily life.
Thich Nhat Hanh Receives the Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award
Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, renowned for bridging Eastern and Western spirituality, is the 2015 Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award…

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra has 89,410 followers.

Latest posts:

How to Improve Your Karma
By Deepak Chopra, MD
Can Artificial Intelligence Make Us More Human?
By Deepak Chopra, MD

Duncan Riach

Top Writer. Self-Revealing. Mental Health. Success. Fulfillment. Flow. MS Engineering/Technology. PhD Psychology. duncanriach.com. Duncan Riach has 13,684 followers.

Latest posts:

Meditation Makes Me Angry
Walking home from hot yoga yesterday, a friend asked me how I felt.
I married the first person I had sex with. Here’s what I learned.
She stroked my leg under the table in the Student Union. I liked that, so I married her. I’m serious. This is what I’m like; I tend to go…

Philosophy as a Way of Life

By Massimo Pigliucci. Practical philosophy, science, pseudoscience & good reasoning. Philosophy as a Way of Life has 23,514 followers.

Latest posts:

Seneca to Lucilius: 85, that we can practice virtue under all circumstances
Everyone is a good pilot when the sea is calm, but will you be able to withstand the storm?
Astrology: still false, after 2000 years
We’ve known that astrology is bunk for two millennia. Here are some reasons why

Darius Foroux

Creator of the Stoic Letter (new letter comes out every Friday, exclusively on Medium) | Effective Writing is open for registration now: dariusforoux.com/ew. Darius Foroux has 227,291 followers.

Latest posts:

Introducing the Stoic Letter: A Weekly Reminder to Focus on the Right Things
Inspired by Seneca’s letters, I’m starting a weekly column here on Medium, that I call the Stoic Letter.
On getting unstuck
Sometimes one little negative thing can set you on this whole downward spiral. Last week I was talking to my friend Dave about what it…


This community is for sharing experiences, stories, and instruction relating to the practice of meditation. r/Meditation has 733,597 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/Meditation - Exclusive Footage of the inside of my mind while I meditate!
6640 voti e 157 commenti su Reddit finora
r/Meditation - Basically, yea. That’s pretty much how I feel.
4540 voti e 217 commenti su Reddit finora


All things personal growth. You can think a negative thought without sharing it. Positive and constructive comments only. r/ZenHabits has 206,018 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/ZenHabits - “If you want happiness for an hour — take a nap.’ If you want happiness for a day — go fishing. If you want happiness for a year — inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime — help someone else.” Chinese Proverb
1516 voti e 47 commenti su Reddit finora
r/ZenHabits - A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they’d be asked the “half empty or half full” question. Instead, with a smile on her face, she inquired: “How heavy is this glass of water?”
1197 voti e 41 commenti su Reddit finora


A reddit for all kinds of Buddhist teachings. r/Buddhism has 574,503 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/Buddhism - Found this video that compares mindfulness to gaming. Interesting modern take on the dharma.
3241 voti e 233 commenti su Reddit finora
r/PublicFreakout - A new challenger appears: Buddhist monks have now joined the protests.
94.698 voti e 2528 commenti su Reddit finora

Meditation Mind

A global community providing a non-judgemental space for anyone interested in or practicing meditation & mindfulness. Meditation Mind has 6,573 members.

  • Keywords: meditation, mindfulness, yoga, r/meditation.
  • Categories: Charity & Nonprofit, Subreddit, Relationships & Identity, Fitness & Health.


Monk-Life Is a Community of Meditators meeting together Daily for Group Meditations Run By a Real Buddhist Monk. Monk-Life has 2,441 members.

  • Keywords: meditation, buddhism, zen, health, spirituality, support, meditate, mental-health, self-improvement, buddhist.
  • Categories: Travel & Food, Studying & Teaching, Relationships & Identity, Fitness & Health, Education.

Hamza's Cult

Self Improvement Discord Server. Hamza's Cult has 38,797 members.

  • Keywords: mental-health, self-improvement, gym, education, exercise, addiction, reading, meditation, journaling, procrastination.
  • Categories: Content Creator, Fitness & Health, Finance, Books, Relationships & Identity.

The Mindfulness Meditation Institute

Charles A. Francis, meditation teacher, author “Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple: Your Guide to Finding True Inner Peace.” #motivation #inspiration #quotes. The Mindfulness Meditation Institute has 379,016 followers.

Latest posts:

Deepak Chopra

Founder of @chopraglobal @ChopraFNDN #Metahuman #DailyBreath #digitaldeepak #Neveralone Get your copy of #AbundanceBook through my website👇. Deepak Chopra has 3,206,064 followers.

Latest posts:

Power of Positivity ✨

The official page. We celebrate the lifestyle of positive thinking & attitude. Every day is a day to shine. Shine On! Connect with the founder: @positivekristen. Power of Positivity ✨ has 796,542 followers.

Latest posts:

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