49 Blogs to Follow about Finance [April 2022]

In this article, you will find many communities and influencers that you can follow to stay up to date on Finance.

49 Blogs to Follow about Finance [April 2022]

In this article, you will find many communities and influencers that you can follow to stay up to date on Finance.

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The Billfold

Everything you wanted to know about money but were too polite to ask. The Billfold has 81,361 followers, 6 editors, and 419 writers.

Latest posts:

How a Goal-Oriented Saver in Lansing Does Money
Celia (not her real name) is a 30-year-old nonprofit director in Lansing, Michigan.
Call for Pitches: Money and Relationships
Can’t buy me love. (Or can you?)

Making of a Millionaire

Publishing stories about money, investing and the path to financial freedom. Making of a Millionaire has 23,773 followers, 1 editor, and 1,000 writers.

Latest posts:

What Type of Retiree Will You Be?
Never work a day again or will you start something new?
How I’ve Restructured My Budget To Achieve a 40% Savings Rate
“Lifestyle creep” hit me harder than I’d realized…

Bull Market

A collection of finance and business writing by @alexisgoldstein, @delong, @dsquareddigest, @DuncanWeldon, @felixsalmon, @jamesykwak, @Mark__Buchanan, @WhelanKarl. Bull Market has 6,191 followers, 10 editors, and 6 writers.

Latest posts:

Labour Bargaining Power and the Luddite Fear
Technological change is as old as history.
Dangerous Bill to Deregulate Private Equity Could Enable New Fraud
At a time when private equity funds are in the news and under scrutiny by the regulators, the House is set to consider a bill that rolls…

Investor’s Handbook

How to be a successful investor — investment insights, strategies, and education on stocks, ETFs, crypto, real estate, and more. Follow to join our community. Investor’s Handbook has 1,843 followers, 1 editor, and 91 writers.

Latest posts:

7 Traits of the Best Dividend Stocks
Your seven-point checklist for buying dividend stocks
Should I buy or sell Plug Power stock this year?
You’re reading a free article with opinions that might be different from our analysts. Join The Money Cog Premium today and get instant…

Money Clip

Stories that simplify the world of finance. Money Clip has 2,661 followers, 1 editor, and 101 writers.

Latest posts:

Treat Your Time As Though it were Money
It’s the only way to become truly productive
The Great Resignation
Why Everyone Is Quitting Their Jobs

Keeping Stock

the cashflow stories that matter. covering finance, wealth accumulation, venture capital, bitcoin, and money, money, money. Keeping Stock has 9,075 followers, 6 editors, and 397 writers.

Latest posts:

Financial innovation & Regulation
Blockchain is a financial innovation which is interconnected to the existing legal and regulatory space. Extensive experience with…
Cryptocurrency as Money
Money is a store of value, medium of exchange, a standard of deferred payment and a unit of account. “Fiat money” adds a particular…


We teach you everything you need to know to get paid quicker, close more deals and get the best deals on payments alive! Due.com has 155,174 followers, 5 editors, and 23 writers.

Latest posts:

5 Ways To Save On Foreign Exchange Without Paying Massive Fees
It’s been a tumultuous two years for international travel, but now as countries are slowly looking to welcome back foreign visitors, and…
8 Tips for Playing the Stock Market With Your Annuity (Music Edition)
Let’s be honest. The future is looking more and more uncertain. And, that can definitely impact your finances — especially if you have…

Alpha Beta Blog

An attempt to unravel the mystery of stock markets and make some profits along the way. Follow Alpha Beta Blog to join our community! Alpha Beta Blog has 1,493 followers, 4 editors, and 44 writers.

Latest posts:

Are You Really Protecting Your Purchasing Power?
You need 7.9% a year not to lose money
The U.S. Is NOT Experiencing Hyperinflation Right Now
Don’t let fear mongers get to you

The Crypto

Distributing the Future Ξ Medium’s leading blockchain and crypto publication, focused on the people, technology, economics, and applications of decentralized ledger technology, accepting contributors @ http://bit.ly/cryptowriter Ξ Produced by Truth Cartel @ http://Truthcartel.com. The Crypto has 78,988 followers, 2 editors, and 44 writers.

Latest posts:

Going Undercover by Scraping Cryptocurrency Market Metrics with Python
Data-Informed Technique To Cryptocurrency Market Speculation using Python
Stained Bills: Leave Your Mark on the World with rDAI & VirtueDAO — but at What Cost?
A new wave of crypto projects now allows you to color, or stain, your digital currency with a public mark of support for a given cause…

F2 Venture Capital

Making the VC world accessible by bringing you actionable insights from founders and investors. F2 Venture Capital has 788 followers, 1 editor, and 41 writers.

Latest posts:

Founder/Market Fit Matters
Why Early-Stage Investors Value Experience
Multitenancy: A Breakdown
The benefits, complexities, and opportunities of a multitenant environment

Wharton FinTech

We are FinTech thought leaders connecting innovators, academics, and investors with the ideas and products that are reinventing global financial services. Wharton FinTech has 4,915 followers, 9 editors, and 58 writers.

Latest posts:

Shimon Kogan, Associate Professor of Finance — Fintech 101
In today’s episode I’m joined by Shimon Kogan, Associate Professor of Finance with positions at IDC Herzliya and the Wharton School.
Katherine Salisbury, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Qapital — Automating Healthy Saving Habits
In today’s episode, I’m joined by Katherine Salisbury of Qapital, an app that empowers users by supercharging savings, investing, and…

Basic Income

Articles about Universal Basic Income (UBI) Basic Income has 20,255 followers, 6 editors, and 65 writers.

Latest posts:

The Problem of Discriminating Tax Allowances
And how Basic Income solves it.
Can Guaranteed Income for the 21st Century End Poverty as we Know It?
A new version of basic income promises to abolish absolute poverty as we know it. With some tweaks, it just might do that.


A network of business & tech podcasts designed to accelerate learning. Mission.org has 520,736 followers, 5 editors, and 390 writers.

Latest posts:

Why Marketing and Ecommerce Go Hand-in-Hand If You Want to Increase Your Digital Prowess
Who was the customer? What was the store of the future going to look like? Were we doing the right digital? Was our website where it needed…
What Does The Future Hold And How Should Brands Prepare?
“Every brand is gonna be responsible for selling you an object that not only can be deployed in your physical life, but can be deployed in…

Todd Lincoln, MBA

Stock-market investor, battle-scarred entrepreneur, and fireside philosopher. Todd Lincoln, MBA has 7,910 followers.

Latest posts:

Quick Guide to Stock Sectors & Industries
Learn how stocks are grouped by business type
The 26 Best Books on Stock Market Investing
Classic investing books to boost your profits

Ben Le Fort

Making of a Millionaire editor | Personal finance writer | Author of “The Financial Freedom Equation”. Ben Le Fort has 48,057 followers.

Latest posts:

Together We Eliminated $2,000 in Medical Debt In March
Here’s how we can do better in April
U.S Stock Market Dominance May Soon Come to an End
International stocks are due for a comeback

Jim Breyer

@BreyerCapital Venture Capital/Venture Philanthropy in Austin, Texas and Silicon Valley. Jim Breyer has 5,833 followers.

Latest posts:

Why we invested in AppHarvest
AppHarvest is one of the most ambitious, inspiring, and important companies in the Breyer Capital portfolio.
Breyer Capital Austin — End of Year Update
I wanted to briefly share some detail about what Breyer Capital Austin has achieved thus far and what we aspire to build.

Richard Knight

AltcoinInvestor.com | Tech Futurist | Analyst. Richard Knight has 6,415 followers.

Latest posts:

Top Metaverse Nodes for Passive Income in 2022
Passive Income nodes available for the Metaverse
Highest Passive Income in Crypto!
+244,177% APY and higher offered by forked OHM (DeFi) projects

Carter Kilmann

Corporate banking drone turned freelance writer & editor. I write about personal finance, entrepreneurship, psychology, writing, and spontaneous allegories. Carter Kilmann has 6,742 followers.

Latest posts:

How Long It Could Take Your Portfolio to Recover From the Next Bear Market
What if the stock market crashed tomorrow? The secret to thriving during the mayhem.
How Quickly Can You Make $1,000,000 by Investing?
Your path to becoming a millionaire is more accessible than you think.

Rocco Pendola

I write about doing life and personal finance, focusing on the psychology of our relationship with money. . Rocco Pendola has 26,626 followers.

Latest posts:

A New, Easier Way To Start An Emergency Fund
The answer might lie in one of money’s best and most basic strategies
Generation Z’s Incredibly Optimistic View on When They’ll Retire Might Surprise You
It’s not crazy. Instead, it’s a somewhat positive sign of the times.

Arthur Hayes

Co-Founder of 100x. Trading and crypto enthusiast. Focused on helping spread financial literacy and educate investors. Arthur Hayes has 17,022 followers.

Latest posts:

The Q-Trap
(Any views expressed in the below are the personal views of the author and should not form the basis for making investment decisions, nor…
Energy Cancelled
(Any views expressed in the below are the personal views of the author and should not form the basis for making investment decisions, nor…

Koen Smets

Accidental behavioural economist in search of wisdom. Uses insights from (behavioural) economics in organization development. On Twitter as @koenfucius. Koen Smets has 8,375 followers.

Latest posts:

We are all economists
Mainstream and behavioural economics are two sides of the same coin
Inflationary ethics
A remarkable tale of a zero-sum that is not a zero-sum illustrates how many of our choices have an ethical dimension we are unaware of

Howard Marks

CEO at StartEngine and co-founder at Activision/Blizzard. Raise capital with equity crowdfunding on www.startengine.com. Howard Marks has 10,917 followers.

Latest posts:

The SEC Fights Decentralization: Round 1
It was bound to happen.
How Dawn Dickson Overcame the Bias of Venture Funding
When you break down social barriers, everybody wins, or perhaps this is better said as everybody has the same chance to win. The process…

Sammy Abdullah

co-founder at Blossom Street Ventures. Email me at sammy@blossomstreetventures.com. Sammy Abdullah has 6,280 followers.

Latest posts:

Learnings from a SaaS IPO — Gitlab
Gitlab is a software company that went public in 2021. Below are some of the highlights from their prospectus. The key learnings we took…
Learnings from a SaaS IPO (Amplitude)
Amplitude is a software company that went public in 2021. Below are some of the highlights from their prospectus. The key learnings we took…


Welcome to r/Finance! No Personal Finance, Homework, Personal blogs, or Career-related posts. All questions go in Monday Morning catch-all threads. r/finance has 536,370 subscribers.

Latest posts:

YouTuber at Center of GameStop Surge ‘Took on Fake Persona of an Amateur’: Lawsuit
A class action suit alleges Keith Gill “took on the fake persona of an amateur, everyday fellow, who simply was looking out for the little guy” in order to recruit investors.
Reddit raises $250 million at $6 billion valuation
The company has doubled its valuation since its last funding round in 2019.


Discuss and ask questions about personal finances, budgeting, income, retirement plans, insurance, investing, and frugality. r/FinancialPlanning has 282,735 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/FinancialPlanning - A Gentle Reminder about Life
1319 voti e 91 commenti su Reddit finora
r/FinancialPlanning - Today at 34 years, 1 month and 2 days old - I hit 100k in my 401k (with company 4 years), and 1M net worth.
872 voti e 125 commenti su Reddit finora


A mostly unmoderated forum for economy, business, politics, stocks, bonds, product releases, IPOs, advice, news, investment, videos, predictions, government, money, politics, debate, capitalism, current trends, and more. r/economy has 793,581 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/economy: Forum for economy, business, politics, stocks, bonds, product releases, IPOs, advice, news, investment, videos, predictions, government …


r/Money has 68,598 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/Money - What’s the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire?
355 voti e 30 commenti su Reddit finora


News and discussion about economics, from the perspective of economists. r/Economics has 1,918,281 subscribers.

Latest posts:

Sanders proposes canceling entire $1.6 trillion in U.S. student loan debt, escalating Democratic policy battle
The proposal, to be introduced by Rep. Ilhan Omar in the House, is likely to face objections from conservatives as well as some moderates.


Value investing in all its forms - From Graham & Dodd, to Buffett & Munger, to their philosophical descendants today. r/ValueInvesting has 146,815 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/ValueInvesting - A Guide To Value Investing For Novice Investors
617 voti e 74 commenti su Reddit finora
r/ValueInvesting - Michael Burry’s Investment Strategy
569 voti e 166 commenti su Reddit finora


Welcome to /r/StockMarket! Our objective is to provide short and mid term trade ideas, market analysis & commentary for active traders and investors. Posts about equities, options, forex, futures, analyst upgrades & downgrades, technical and fundamental analysis, and the stock market in general are all welcome. r/StockMarket has 1,954,976 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/StockMarket - The stock market explained in 13 seconds
9592 voti e 134 commenti su Reddit finora
r/StockMarket - In 1998, Google’s founders got their first investment: a $100,000 check. They didn’t have a bank account. They went to Burger King to celebrate.
9017 voti e 293 commenti su Reddit finora


Welcome to DeFi, a sub for building the open financial system. Here you can discuss project ideas, articles, events, questions, support, and other topics related to DeFi development. r/defi has 90,943 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/defi - DeFi Guide for Newbie (and How to Manage Risk)
536 voti e 169 commenti su Reddit finora
r/defi - DeFi Passive Income 101
407 voti e 146 commenti su Reddit finora


Bogleheads are passive investors who follow Jack Bogle's simple but powerful message to diversify and let compounding grow wealth. Jack founded Vanguard and pioneered indexed mutual funds. His work has since inspired others to get the most out of their long-term stock and bond investments by indexing. Active managers want your money - our advice: keep it! How? Investing in broad-market (MF or ETF) indexes, diversified between equities and fixed income. Buy, hold, rebalance, and stay the course! r/Bogleheads has 144,164 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/Bogleheads - The real lesson of GME debacle is that Vanguard is the only trustworthy brokerage.
1178 voti e 277 commenti su Reddit finora
r/Bogleheads - Worth noting: Meta/Facebook, which is currently down 26% today, is one of the top 10 holdings in VT (out of 9334 total stock holdings). But it only represents 0.99% of VT’s total holdings. Welcome to the benefits of buying the haystack.
1130 voti e 171 commenti su Reddit finora


A friend of mine once said: You know what the problem is with being an economist? Everyone has an opinion about the economy. Nobody goes up to a geologist and says, 'Igneous rocks are fucking bullshit.' This subreddit is the repository for all of the woeful, antiquated, or plain old misguided notions Redditors post about how the economy works. r/badeconomics has 555,245 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/badeconomics - Horrifically bad economics in the iCarly fandom
1692 voti e 81 commenti su Reddit finora
r/badeconomics - Literally no Redditors understand QE, the Federal Reserve, or basic monetary policy
1632 voti e 371 commenti su Reddit finora


The Exchange-Traded Funds Community and Forum. r/ETFs has 71,841 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/ETFs - META: Is there anything we can do about the fact that 90% of the posts in this sub are all just asking to ‘rate my portfolio’, most of which contain the same handful of ETFs?
408 voti e 47 commenti su Reddit finora
r/ETFs - [Serious] This Subreddit has such recency bias that goldfish look like they have photographic memory.
283 voti e 76 commenti su Reddit finora

The Capitalists

Join us to follow capitalist content creators, and invest in yourself by learning about economics, finance, and business. The Capitalists has 9,885 members.

  • Keywords: Economics, Entrepreneurship, Economics Explained, Jake Tran, Plain Bagel, Money, Stocks, Startups, Economy, Investing.
  • Categories: Studying & Teaching, Investing, Business, Finance, Content Creator, Education.


Economics has 2,980 members.

  • Keywords: economics, economic, statistics, academic, economy, finance, education, homework, econometrics, analytics.
  • Categories: Education, Studying & Teaching.


TheStockGuy has 59,451 members.

  • Keywords: news, money, business, investing, personal finance, crypto, stock market, trading, memes, community.
  • Categories: News & Current Events, Investing, Entertainment, Business, Education, Finance.

Simple Finances

A helpful and welcoming community for both new and advanced personal finance and fintech enthusiasts. Simple Finances has 2,055 members.

  • Keywords: cryptocurrency, investing, finance, banking, fintech, stocks, checking, savings, personalfinance, budgeting.
  • Categories: Investing, Science & Tech, Cryptocurrency, Customer Support, Finance.

Personal Finance: Debt + Cash Rule Everything Around Me aka DREAM CREAM

Personal Finance / FIRE / Investing / Retirement / Techies. Personal Finance: Debt + Cash Rule Everything Around Me aka DREAM CREAM has 2,046 members.

  • Keywords: finance, economics, stocks, fire, investing, retirement, money, budget, taxes, frugality.
  • Categories: Collaboration, News & Current Events, Studying & Teaching, Investing, Education, Finance.

Options Millionaire

The OM community is here to help change as many lives as possible through the spreading of knowledge! Come join! Options Millionaire has 15,664 members.

  • Keywords: options, stocks, investing, finance, gme, millionaire, money, education, learn, profit.
  • Categories: Education, Studying & Teaching, Collaboration, Cryptocurrency, Investing, Finance.


r/FinancialCareers has 6,341 members.

  • Keywords: career, wall street, finance careers, investment banking, private equity, resume, recruiting, banking, trading, high finance.
  • Categories: Education, Business, Finance.

Julian Jessop

Independent economist. Brexit optimist. IEA Economics Fellow. Likes data and charts. Schools speaker. Market Monetarist. FRSA. Own views, etc. I fund myself. Julian Jessop has 14,070 followers.

Latest posts:

Business Today

News, analysis & immersive long reads from the #BTMultiverse. Online I On Stands I On Air. All on markets, biz, crypto & startups. . Business Today has 1,153,375 followers.

Latest posts:


Breaking news and alerts from the International Monetary Fund. IMF has 1,958,894 followers.

Latest posts:


Embracing the world of Decentralized finance with our real world applications in Healthcare,Digital Marketing, Transportation, Materverse/NFTs and Logistics. deficonnect has 56,000 followers.

Latest posts:

Lark Davis

#bitcoin and #crypto investor whose mission is to help you make money and grow your wealth. Weekly investor report . Lark Davis has 887,214 followers.

Latest posts:

Bismah Malik

Journalist @business_today | Stalk startups, IT firms, digital economy | Past @Thenewindianexpress @dna @thetribunechd| Leads/tips: bismah.malik4@gmail.com. Bismah Malik has 13,348 followers.

Latest posts:

Peter Schiff

Chief Economist & Global Strategist: , Chairman: https://t.co/Ib5G6n78js, Founder: https://t.co/rtQQUAUL5U , Host: https://t.co/YAV1Kdqb51. Peter Schiff has 649,977 followers.

Latest posts:

Michael A. Gayed, CFA

5x Dow & Founders Award Winner. Risk-On/Off. ETF, & $ATACX Mutual Fund Portfolio Manager. Publisher Of The Lead-Lag Report. Michael A. Gayed, CFA has 585,391 followers.

Latest posts:

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