50 Programming communities and influencers you need to follow [April 2022]

Are you learning about Programming and now looking for blogs to follow to keep up to date with the latest trends? You are in the right place!

50 Programming communities and influencers you need to follow [April 2022]

Are you learning about Programming and now looking for blogs to follow to keep up to date with the latest trends? You are in the right place!

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Better Programming

Advice for programmers. Better Programming has 202,554 followers, 2 editors, and 1,000 writers.

Latest posts:

How To Build an Online Searchable Dropdown Flutter Widget
Implementing a customizable dropdown with online-offline data in Flutter
4 Awesome Browser APIs You Might Not Be Using Yet
Keep them handy. They can be super useful!
Why System Design Is So Hard?
And how should you deal with it?


Exploring the basics of computer science, every Monday, for a year. basecs has 25,008 followers, 1 editor, and 0 writers.

Latest posts:

Leveling Up One’s Parsing Game With ASTs
Before I started on this journey of trying to learn computer science, there were certain terms and phrases that made me want to run the…
Finding The Shortest Path, With A Little Help From Dijkstra
If you spend enough time reading about programming or computer science, there’s a good chance that you’ll encounter the same ideas, terms…
A Most Perfect Union: Just-In-Time Compilers
The world of computer science always seems to come down to tradeoffs. Sometimes, we’re forced to choose between two data structures…


Bursts of code to power through your day. Web Development articles, tutorials, and news. codeburst has 105,148 followers, 4 editors, and 1,000 writers.

Latest posts:

Fastai Course Chapter 2 Q&A on WSL2
An answer key for the questionnaire at the end of the chapter
Networking Your Home: How and Why
A series of articles on building and managing a home network
Fastai Course Chapter 3 Q&A on WSL2
An answer key for the questionnaire at the end of the chapter

Level Up Coding

Coding tutorials and news. The developer homepage gitconnected.com && skilled.dev. Level Up Coding has 78,356 followers, 2 editors, and 1,000 writers.

Latest posts:

How to publish a single page application at no cost with GitHub Pages (React, Svelte, etc)
Here is how to publish a single page application to GitHub Pages. For your website, a project, or your organization.
These Are The Happiest Programmers I Ever Met
So you might do well to pick them as your work role models


Teaching and learning about computer science. Bradfield has 2,524 followers, 2 editors, and 6 writers.

Latest posts:

Your Next Five Years: Career Planning for Bootcamp Grads
“At the end of the day I feel like any job like where you were working with smart people as your first job is probably good enough. My…
The Secret Life Of Your Login Credentials
Have you ever typed your social security number into a form on the Internet and wondered, “should I really click submit?” Most of us place…
Moving Online
Firstly an announcement: as of June 2020 (6 months from now) all Bradfield classes will be conducted online via Zoom, instead of our…

Dev bits

A collection of developer experiences from wide domains like Python, JavaScript and Web Development. Dev bits has 2,568 followers, 2 editors, and 1 writer.

Latest posts:

You never thought creating software patents was this easy, do you?
It’s not as tough an ordeal as you think!!
Top Merits of Using Django for Web Development
The market for web development is on the rise. There are countless web apps and websites developed on a daily basis. As per stats, around…
Writing Memory Efficient Software Applications in Node.js
See how to optimize your Node.js programs by 90% using automatic back pressuring

Quick Code

Find the best tutorials and courses for the web, mobile, chatbot, AR/VR development, database management, data science, web design and cryptocurrency. Practice in JavaScript, Java, Python, R, Android, Swift, Objective-C, React, Node Js, Ember, C++, SQL & more. Quick Code has 13,580 followers, 3 editors, and 379 writers.

Latest posts:

15+ Trailblazing Web Design Trends 2022,🤩 That’ll Amaze The World💥
Web Design Trends 2022
How to Create SQUID GAME Symbols with Html & CSS
2 Step Guide to Create SQUID GAME Halloween Symbols Only Using HTML and CSS.
Built-in Python functions map( ), filter( ) & reduce( ) , you should literally learn right now.
There is no point how powerful any language is if you don’t know how to use its features


A humble place to learn Java and Programming better. Javarevisited has 14,918 followers, 3 editors, and 696 writers.

Latest posts:

How to Consume Public API using Apache Camel?
Hello🖐 My Self Rohan Ravindra Kadam, Full Stack Developer
Spring REST GET API vs Spring GraphQL Query API
In this tutorial, I would like to show you how to create GraphQL Query API using Spring Boot. Most software developers use REST API, so for…
Top 10 Angular Templates: Ingenious and Original Choices for Various Goals
Top 10 Angular Templates: Ingenious and Original Choices for Various Goals


Find and share anything coding. Sololearn has 7,102 followers, 4 editors, and 1 writer.

Latest posts:

Explaining Binary
It’s amazing to think today, in the world of smartphones and cloud servicing and augmented reality, that the modern Internet we rely on to…
What Do You Need To Learn For A Career In Cybersecurity?
Last year, in the midst of a ton of other major news stories (the U.S. election drama, the COVID-19 pandemic, and many more), one of the…
Building Web Applications Using C# And Blazor
In recent years, the world of web application development has been largely considered the realm of JavaScript. The powerful and versatile…

Python in Plain English

New Python content every day. Follow to join our +400k monthly readers. Python in Plain English has 11,043 followers, 3 editors, and 1,000 writers.

Latest posts:

Show People Some Love with Python
Learn how to draw a nice heart using Python and matplotlib.
Guess The Number Game using Python
In this post, we’ll create a beginner-friendly Guess the number game using Python.
Use Python to Split Sentences into Separate Lines
A guide on how to split sentences into separate lines using Python

The Renaissance Developer

Stories & Experiences from a Software Engineer. The Renaissance Developer has 3,977 followers, 1 editor, and 0 writers.

Latest posts:

Queue Data Structure
This post was first published on my blog: Queue Data Structure
Functional Programming
This is my learning journey
Revisiting Conditionals in JavaScript and TypeScript
This post was originally published at iamtk.co.

Towards Dev

A publication for sharing projects, ideas, codes, and new theories. Towards Dev has 994 followers, 2 editors, and 1,000 writers.

Latest posts:

Statistics for Machine Learning — II
Code Implementation of Descriptive Statistics in Python
Kubernetes Architecture
The below image shows how our applications live inside the machines when we host them. It is the case when these hosting machines have no…
Monitoring Tesla Solar and Powerwall with Prometheus
I have recently started looking into monitoring smart devices around my house. One of the devices that I wanted to monitor and produce…

The Internet Computer Review

A DFINITY Foundation Resource. The Internet Computer Review has 12,724 followers, 6 editors, and 7 writers.

Latest posts:

ICME and Blocks: No-Code Development on the Internet Computer
ICME and Blocks make it easier to develop Web3 projects and dapps using canister smart contracts.
Enterprise Software on the Internet Computer Blockchain
A massive market opportunity can be seized by developing on-chain solutions to operational challenges for organizations of all sizes.
Introducing Supernova, the First Global Internet Computer Hackathon
Up to $6 million in prizes and seed funding will be awarded to projects in Web3, DeFi, NFTs, gaming, metaverse, infrastructure, and more.


One-stop learning portal for your next coding and system design interview. InterviewNoodle has 1,784 followers, 2 editors, and 144 writers.

Latest posts:

Some Common Vim Tips That I Use on Daily Basis | Coding | High Productivity
First thing first, in order to use Vim you don’t need to use Vim terminal or any other terminal. It works quite well with VS Code, Android…
How to refactor meetings as they grow with the rule of eight
A rule of thumb is that a meeting with more than eight people isn’t a decision-making meeting.
Is Python The Future Of Programming?
Hello Fellas, Hope you are doing well. I am Mr. Bokchoy, Director of the Panda Team. This is my first interaction with you guys, and I know…

Coding Blocks

Daily Tidbits on Android, Javascript and Machine Learning. Coding Blocks has 2,974 followers, 4 editors, and 32 writers.

Latest posts:

Deploying Django Application on Heroku
We’ll see how to deploy the Django application on the Heroku platform with PostgreSQL as a database.
What are Primitive Types and Special Values in javascript?
This is “My Understanding of” series, I will be writing on different concepts to share my understanding. I look forward to learning…
Cracking Dream Interview Tips-Part 3
In Part 3 of Cracking Dream Interview blog series, I will talk about “Must Practice Interview Questions of Android| Top 35”

Dev Genius

Coding, Tutorials, News, UX, UI and much more related to development. Dev Genius has 12,609 followers, 3 editors, and 1,000 writers.

Latest posts:

Adding Comment Moderation Tools to my Website
Why do people spam?
Operators Priorities: Python Complete Course — Part 17
Learn the operators priorities in Python with practical code examples
An in-depth understanding of Redis 7.0’s shared copy buffer
Redis master-slave replication related problems optimization

Tyler Elliot Bettilyon

A curious human on a quest to watch the world learn. I teach computer programming and write about software’s overlap with society and politics. www.tebs-lab.com. Tyler Elliot Bettilyon has 8,536 followers.

Latest posts:

India, China, and Digital Diplomacy
This week in tech
Fake F***ing Everything
“Coordinated inauthentic behavior” and how AI will make trolls even worse.
F*** You San Francisco, I’m Going Home
Lessons learned and regrets earned in the Bay Area.

The Educative Team

Coding is like skateboarding: you can’t learn new skills just by watching someone else. Master in-demand coding skills through Educative’s interactive courses. The Educative Team has 8,268 followers.

Latest posts:

Get started with building Alexa skills: Basics and best practices
Over the years, human-computer interaction (HCI) has steadily evolved to allow more intuitive and natural interactions between human and…
Is C++ an object-oriented programming language?
The C++ programming language is one of many languages that supports object-oriented programming (OOP). But is it an OOP language?

Quick Code

A list of best courses to learn programming, web, mobile, chatbot, AR/VR development, database management, data science, web design and cryptocurrency. Quick Code has 6,887 followers.

Latest posts:

What Every Developers & Programmers Need to Read in November 🔥🔥
Learn new things on web development, chatbot development, mobile development, virtualization with these best posts of this month.
Trending Posts for Developers & Programmers Should Read in October
Less than 100 days are remaining to finish up year 2019. If your planning to learn new programming language, framework or tool, it’s time…
Top Tutorials to Learn C++ Programming
C++ is a general purpose programming language invented by Bjarne Stroustrup 37 years ago. It is still one of the more popular programming…


Trying to make Web development simple. Former Developer Advocate @Salesforce, VMware (node.js); Engineer @ Yahoo, Zimbra. Twitter: @rajaraodv. rajaraodv has 10,350 followers.

Latest posts:

Here are examples of everything new in ECMAScript 2016, 2017, and 2018
It’s hard to keep track of what’s new in JavaScript (ECMAScript). And it’s even harder to find useful code examples.
How to Jazz Up Your Bash Terminal — A Step By Step Guide With Pictures
In this blog I’ll go over steps to add Themes, Powerline, fonts, and powerline-gitstatus to make your regular Bash Terminal look beautiful…
Using Preact Instead Of React
If you are concerned about React’s size and performance (especially for mobile-web apps), there are several React clone libraries that have…

Charles Scalfani

Software Engineer and Architect, Teacher, Writer, Filmmaker, Photographer, Artist…. Charles Scalfani has 24,731 followers.

Latest posts:

The Problem with Popular Programming Languages
Every single year, technology publications produce their yearly most popular programming lists. And we programmers flock to those articles…
Why is Learning Functional Programming So Damned Hard?
My Functional Programming journey was filled with dead ends, false starts, failed attempts and frustration. And I suspect that I’m not…
So You Want to be a Functional Programmer (Part 4)
Taking that first step to understanding Functional Programming concepts is the most important and sometimes the most difficult step. But it…

Omar Elgabry

Software Engineer. Going to the moon 🌑. When I die, turn my blog into a story. @. Omar Elgabry has 7,088 followers.

Latest posts:

Component Based Architecture
Revamping the architecture thoughts
On The Moon
Going to the moon 🌑
Threads Vs Queues
And the story of scaling a single-threaded application (6M/sec)

Adam Geitgey

Interested in computers and machine learning. Likes to write about it. Adam Geitgey has 54,988 followers.

Latest posts:

Four Basic Data Science Lessons Illustrated by COVID-19 Data
Machine learning and data science tools are more accessible than ever. But along with learning the tools themselves, it’s just as…
The dumb reason your fancy Computer Vision app isn’t working: Exif Orientation
I’ve written about lots of computer vision and machine learning projects like object recognition systems and face recognition projects. I…
Build Your Own ‘Google Translate’-Quality Machine Translation System
In the last few years, there has been a revolution in machine translation. New translation systems built using deep learning have replaced…

Austin Tackaberry

Software Engineer at Databricks. Austin Tackaberry has 9,929 followers.

Latest posts:

What NOT to Learn as a Beginner Frontend Engineer
A list of things that you can safely put off till later in your coding journey.
How I went from newbie to Software Engineer in 9 months while working full time
In this post, I’ll share how I went from zero(ish) to a six-figure software engineering job offer in nine months while working full time…
The 5 Hardest Things about Learning to Code
Learning to code is challenging for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you have to let the hard parts get you down!

Lily Chen

Software Engineer | Machine learning enthusiast. Lily Chen has 6,643 followers.

Latest posts:

Different ways of writing Javascript functions and how they affect ‘this’
Simple rules to what ‘this’ is in Javascript functions
What Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Professional Program is like
A midway review of Stanford machine learning class CS229i
Linear regression and gradient descent for absolute beginners
A simple explanation and implementation of gradient descent


I am Java programmer, blogger, working on Java, J2EE, UNIX, FIX Protocol. I share Java tips on http://javarevisited.blogspot.com and http://java67.com. javinpaul has 18,548 followers.

Latest posts:

5 Best Scikit-Learn Online Courses for Machine Learning and Data Science in 2022
These are the best online courses to learn Scikit learn library for Machine learning and Data Science in 2022.
Top 10 Tools Fullstack Web Developer Should Learn in 2022
These are the best tools every web developer can learn in 2022 to become a better and more competent developer. The list includes bet…
10 Best Free CodeCademy Courses for Beginners to Learn Programming and Software Development in 2022
These are the best and free CodeCademy online, interactive courses to learn Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other in-demand…

David Venturi

Curating the internet’s best data science program. David Venturi has 17,312 followers.

Latest posts:

This is Not a Real Data Science Degree
Learn data skills with friends using the internet’s best resources.
The best Data Science courses on the internet, ranked by your reviews
A year and a half ago, I dropped out of one of the best computer science programs in Canada. I started creating my own data science…
I ranked every Intro to Data Science course on the internet, based on thousands of data points
A year ago, I dropped out of one of the best computer science programs in Canada. I started creating my own data science master’s program…


Computer Programming. r/programming has 3,952,177 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/software - Eye tracking software for sufferers of ALS/MND can cost tends of thousands of dollars, so I’ve spent 3.5 years of my spare time writing a free & open-source alternative - meet OptiKey (C#, Rx, WPF)
6926 voti e 1015 commenti su Reddit finora
r/changelog - An update on the state of the reddit/reddit and reddit/reddit-mobile repositories
747 voti e 782 commenti su Reddit finora
How We Built r/Place


Computer Science Theory and Application. We share and discuss any content that computer scientists find interesting. People from all walks of life welcome, including hackers, hobbyists, professionals, and academics. r/compsci has 1,827,455 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/compsci - Rotating an image recursively. One of my favorite algorithms!
4513 voti e 83 commenti su Reddit finora
r/VisualMath - To what degree Would Augmented Reality change the way we study math?
385 voti e 45 commenti su Reddit finora
r/nextfuckinglevel - He deserved more recognition for sure.
11.937 voti e 121 commenti su Reddit finora


This subreddit is dedicated to all things Computer Science. Feel free to ask any questions or make any posts related to Computer Science. r/computerscience has 221,065 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/computerscience - So my girlfriend and I made an application that generates a website from a real world image.. This is just a simple working video, that we made before the Kolkata Mini Maker Faire. Did some changes on the UI later
1103 voti e 106 commenti su Reddit finora
r/Wevolver - Engineers at Caltech have designed a new data-driven method to control the movement of multiple robots through cluttered, unmapped spaces, so they do not run into one another.
528 voti e 21 commenti su Reddit finora
r/Unexpected - The pc is revolting
35.637 voti e 241 commenti su Reddit finora


Computer Science for Computer Scientists. r/algorithms has 83,179 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/algorithms - I started a series to explain algorithms and programming concepts
137 voti e 34 commenti su Reddit finora
r/algorithms - The fourth edition of “Introduction to Algorithms” (fourth edition) was announced
105 voti e 35 commenti su Reddit finora


This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of programming languages, programming language theory, design, their syntax, and compilers. Post your ideas and get constructive criticism. r/ProgrammingLanguages has 73,220 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/ProgrammingLanguages - I made a “programming language” based on COBOL syntax
344 voti e 102 commenti su Reddit finora
r/ProgrammingLanguages - The WORST features of every language you can think of.
216 voti e 430 commenti su Reddit finora


All about the 𝚓𝚊𝚟𝚊𝚜𝚌𝚛𝚒𝚙𝚝 programming language! r/javascript has 1,910,663 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/javascript - Can you help me allow my router to accept 💩 as the SSID?
2273 voti e 283 commenti su Reddit finora
r/javascript - After learning JS more than a year ago and falling in love with React Native, this is my first project, Tour, a drag-drop trip planner.
2280 voti e 226 commenti su Reddit finora
r/javascript - Nobody talks about the real reason to use Tabs over Spaces
2081 voti e 777 commenti su Reddit finora


News, Technical discussions, research papers and assorted things of interest related to the Java programming language. NO programming help, NO learning Java-related questions, NO installing or downloading Java questions, NO JVM languages - Exclusively Java! r/java has 257,069 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/java - Are you interested in learning about low latency zero allocation programming?
611 voti e 179 commenti su Reddit finora
r/java - Visualize the architecture of your Java app, in IntelliJ, in 2 ¹/₂ minutes
472 voti e 50 commenti su Reddit finora
r/java - Java 17 available now!
411 voti e 83 commenti su Reddit finora


News about the programming language Python. If you have something to teach others post here. If you have questions or are a newbie use r/learnpython. r/Python has 921,215 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/Python - This post has:
9241 voti e 443 commenti su Reddit finora
r/Python - Drawing Mona Lisa with 256 circles using evolution [Github repo in comments]
5724 voti e 122 commenti su Reddit finora
r/Python - I made a simulation using Python in which a neural network learns to race
5697 voti e 212 commenti su Reddit finora


The subreddit for the C programming language. r/C_Programming has 122,754 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/C_Programming - This is the C Music
879 voti e 33 commenti su Reddit finora
r/ASCII - Donut-shaped C code that generates a 3D spinning donut
181 voti e 5 commenti su Reddit finora


Discussions, articles and news about the C++ programming language or programming in C++. r/cpp has 210,711 subscribers.

Latest posts:

r/cpp - I just found a use for the poop emoji in C++
857 voti e 63 commenti su Reddit finora
r/cpp - 2020-02 Prague ISO C++ Committee Trip Report — 🎉 C++20 is Done! 🎉
794 voti e 496 commenti su Reddit finora
r/cpp - Beman Dawes has passed away (Boost, Filesystem, WG21, and a load more stuff are thanks to him)
671 voti e 25 commenti su Reddit finora

Keep On Coding

Keep On Coding has 10,029 members.

  • Keywords: coding, code, programming, computer science, software, software development.
  • Categories: Programming, Science & Tech.

Computer Science

Computer Science Voice Chatting and Hanging Out Server. Computer Science has 2,047 members.

  • Keywords: computer-science, programming, circuits, computer-architecture, engineering, electrical, voice, developer, physics, mathematics.
  • Categories: Studying & Teaching, Game Developer, General Chatting, Science & Tech, Programming.

Code Bullet and Co

Day-to-day general and programming related chat & help - and all things Evan. Much more awaits inside... Code Bullet and Co has 25,528 members.

  • Keywords: Code Bullet, AI, Machine Learning, Coding, Programming, Computer Science, YouTube, Tetris, Genetic Algorithm, Code.
  • Categories: Gaming, Content Creator, General Chatting, Education, Programming, Entertainment.


A programming server for discussing and getting help on various languages like C, Python, Java, C++, C#, Sqlite, etc. AlphaBet has 3,414 members.

  • Keywords: alphabet, programming, engineer, tech, science, code.
  • Categories: Education, Studying & Teaching, Game Developer, Bots, Programming, Science & Tech.

DEVs Dungeon

Connecting Developers across the world! Learn AI/ML, Data Science, Web Dev, App Dev, Cloud Dev, Game Dev, UI/UX, Kaggle! DEVs Dungeon has 5,089 members.

  • Keywords: programming, coding, developer, python, data science, kaggle, machine learning, web dev, AI, gaming.
  • Categories: Studying & Teaching, News & Current Events, Programming, Education, Collaboration, Science & Tech.


We're a large community focused around the Python programming language. We believe that anyone can learn to code. Python has 321,075 members.

  • Keywords: python, programming, pydis, computing, it, software development, software, help, coding, computer science.
  • Categories: Programming, Science & Tech, Collaboration, Education, Studying & Teaching.

Clarity Crew

This server is for anyone who enjoys computer programming at any level. We help beginners to professionals! Clarity Crew has 2,692 members.

  • Keywords: programming, coding, python, bots, javascript, replit, claritycoders, java, computers, opencv.
  • Categories: Bots, Programming, Science & Tech.

Code Geek

Here to share events, tutorials, courses, books... related to #nodejs #javascript #typescript #mongodb #nosql #webdev #python #django #angularjs #iojs #tutorial. Code Geek has 26,917 followers.

Latest posts:


MIT's Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab. MIT CSAIL has 209,501 followers.

Latest posts:

Python Programming

#python #programming. Python Programming has 10,400 followers.

Latest posts:


how hackers start their afternoons. where 15k+ techies publish stories & expertise for 3M+ monthly readers. have a dope story? 👉. HackerNoon has 71,740 followers.

Latest posts:

Data Science Dojo

Disrupting the data science education space by offering unique and dynamic courses for individuals and organizations. #DSDojo. Data Science Dojo has 35,325 followers.

Latest posts:

Kosta Derpanis

#CS Assoc. Prof @YorkUniversity, #ComputerVision Scientist Samsung #AI Centre, @VectorInst Affiliate, TPAMI AE, #CVPR2022/#ECCV2022/#ICCV2023 Social Media Chair. Kosta Derpanis has 13,264 followers.

Latest posts:

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