36 popular communities and influencers about Machine Learning [April 2022]

Want to know where to learn more about Machine Learning? Read this article to find out about popular communities and influencers and follow them to deepen your knowledge!

36 popular communities and influencers about Machine Learning [April 2022]

Want to know where to learn more about Machine Learning? Read this article to find out about popular communities and influencers and follow them to deepen your knowledge! You can find Medium publications and authors, Subreddits, Discord Servers, Twitter accounts, hashtags, and similar topics.

Inside Machine learning

Deep-dive articles about machine learning, cloud, and data. Curated by IBM. Inside Machine learning has 3,539 followers, 3 editors, and 3 writers.

Latest posts:

A Beta to Help You Create a Data and AI Platform on Your Terms
Find out more about the Cloud Pak for Data as-a-Service Beta Program and Sponsor User Program
AI and Machine Learning to Improve Customer Contact Experience
Think of the last time you contacted a call center (whether it was your bank, credit card company, airline company, or any other company)…
Chat With The Lab Webinar Series Replays and Registrations
Your Data Science Webcast


DataThings blog is where we post about our latest machine learning, big data analytics, and neural networks experiments. Feel free to visit our website: www.datathings.com. DataThings has 918 followers, 3 editors, and 1 writer.

Latest posts:

The high costs of meta-learning
And how to address them
CalcGraph: a new computational graph model
Tailored for meta-Learning
New to machine learning? Try to avoid these mistakes
The things I learned the hard way as a data scientist

ML Review

Highlights from Machine Learning Research, Projects and Learning Materials. From and For ML Scientists, Engineers and Enthusiasts. ML Review has 11,062 followers, 2 editors, and 97 writers.

Latest posts:

The Intuition behind Adversarial Attacks on Neural Networks
Are the machine learning models we use intrinsically flawed?
Understanding building blocks of ULMFIT
Last week I had the time to tackle a Kaggle NLP competition: Quora Insincere Questions Classification. As it’s easy to understand from the…
Multi-Modal Methods: Image Captioning (From Translation to Attention)
Recent Intersections Between Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (Part Two)


NanoNets: Machine Learning API. NanoNets has 3,719 followers, 7 editors, and 11 writers.

Latest posts:

What is Invoice Processing? | Invoice Processing Steps Explained
Originally published at https://nanonets.com on November 7, 2021.
Cognitive Data Capture | What is Cognitive Capture?
Originally published at https://nanonets.com on July 20, 2021.
PDF Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process of converting PDFs of scanned and handwritten text into machine-encoded text such…

Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya is a community of Analytics and Data Science professionals. We are building the next-gen data science ecosystem https://www.analyticsvidhya.com. Analytics Vidhya has 54,548 followers, 9 editors, and 1,000 writers.

Latest posts:

Spark Session and the singleton misconception!
What structured streaming reveals about Spark Session
Network Analysis & Visualization: Game of Thrones Character Network
This article will help you understand the basics of network centrality measures and how to compute them using networkx library on a Game…
Artificial neural network : A Beginner’s Guide
The naming of this technique was inspired by the algorithm’s structural resemblance to the human brain.While this doesn’t mean artificial…

Towards Data Science

Your home for data science. A Medium publication sharing concepts, ideas and codes. Towards Data Science has 618,827 followers, 4 editors, and 1,000 writers.

Latest posts:

Tricks for DataPane Embedding with Medium
MTA Ridership Visualization
StrangeR things: Creating Generative Art with R
How to create Generative Art without much effort and without being an artist with the “aRtsy” package
Creating a Database Front End with Deepnote
Here’s how I automated my reports with Python Notebooks in the cloud


We produce professional, authoritative, and thought-provoking content relating to artificial intelligence, machine intelligence, emerging technologies and industrial insights. SyncedReview has 8,085 followers, 2 editors, and 2 writers.

Latest posts:

CMU & Google Extend Pretrained Models to Thousands of Underrepresented Languages Without Using…
While pretrained large language models continue to make dramatic progress on natural language processing (NLP) tasks, these models tend to…
HPC-AI’s FastFold Shortens AlphaFold Training Time from 11 Days to 67 Hours
DeepMind’s AlphaFold 2 grabbed headlines last year by leveraging a transformer-based model architecture to achieve atomic accuracy in…
Google, NYU & Maryland U’s Token-Dropping Approach Reduces BERT Pretraining Time by 25%
The pretraining of BERT-type large language models — which can scale up to billions of parameters — is crucial for obtaining…

Igor Bobriakov

Data Scientist and Entrepreneur, Founder of Data Science School & Machine Learning for Startups → activewizards.com. Igor Bobriakov has 6,348 followers.

Latest posts:

Top 7 Data Science Use Cases in Trust and Security
What are trust and safety? What is the role of trust and security in the modern world?
Top 8 Data Science Use Cases in Marketing
In this article, we want to highlight some key data science use cases in marketing.As far as the key aim of data science is to turn data…
Top 7 Data Science Use Cases in Administration
A successful business requires new approaches to data management in this age. Modern advances in data science area provide an efficient…

Matthew Stewart, PhD Researcher

Environmental/Data Science Ph.D. Candidate at Harvard University | Machine learning consultant at Critical Future | Blogger at TDS. https://mpstewart.net. Matthew Stewart, PhD Researcher has 5,841 followers.

Latest posts:

Tiny Machine Learning: The Next AI Revolution
The bigger model is not always the better model
Introduction to AI for Social Good
Counting penguins from space, countering poaching, monitoring mental health through social media, and many more applications.
An Analysis of Amazonian Forest Fires
How does a wildfire start in a rainforest?

Favio Vázquez

Data scientist, physicist and computer engineer. Love sharing ideas, thoughts and contributing to Open Source in Machine Learning and Deep Learning ;). Favio Vázquez has 8,731 followers.

Latest posts:

Detecting Fake News With and Without Code
Comparing different NLP techniques and methods with Python and other tools to detect fake news.
Discovering New Data
Data discovering using Explorium and Python in a few simple steps.
Write Better Stories with this Python Tool
Using the power of programming to write better and improve readability.

ODSC - Open Data Science

Our passion is bringing thousands of the best and brightest data scientists together under one roof for an incredible learning and networking experience. ODSC - Open Data Science has 53,083 followers.

Latest posts:

How to Attend ODSC East 2022 for Free
In the nature of open-source data science, we want to make our conferences accessible to those who may not have a chance to attend. For the…
Guidelines for Choosing an Optimizer and Loss Functions When Training Neural Networks
There’s no one right way to train a neural network. These models serve various functions with multiple data sets, so what produces a…
Why is Adversarial Robustness Critical for Machine Learning?
As machine learning (ML) gets adopted in every field and every possible use case, a threat lurks underneath. In technology, security…

Lily Chen

Software Engineer | Machine learning enthusiast. Lily Chen has 6,643 followers.

Latest posts:

Different ways of writing Javascript functions and how they affect ‘this’
Simple rules to what ‘this’ is in Javascript functions
How I Used Tracing and Data Science to Learn Redux Correlates with Terrible App Performance
Why reducing redux size is worth it
Intro to natural language processing — how to encode meaning of a word?
Man is to king as woman is to what?

David Venturi

Curating the internet’s best data science program. David Venturi has 17,312 followers.

Latest posts:

How AI is changing mental health care
Here are four examples of using artificial intelligence to combat mental health issues
The best Data Science courses on the internet, ranked by your reviews
A year and a half ago, I dropped out of one of the best computer science programs in Canada. I started creating my own data science…
An overview of every Data Visualization course on the internet
A year ago, I dropped out of one of the best computer science programs in Canada. I started creating my own data science master’s program…


TensorFlow is a fast, flexible, and scalable open-source machine learning library for research and production. TensorFlow has 29,374 followers.

Latest posts:

Our blog has moved
Posted by Josh Gordon for the TensorFlow team.
DeepPavlov: an open-source library for end-to-end dialog systems and chatbots
A guest post by Vasily Konovalov
Using TensorFlow to predict product weight and dimensions
A Guest Post by Rodolfo Bonnin from the Mercado Libre Applied Machine Learning team

Devin Soni 👑

Machine learning. Devin Soni 👑 has 6,295 followers.

Latest posts:

Multi-task learning with Multi-gate Mixture-of-experts
Google’s neural network model for content recommendation
Handling Missing data in Machine Learning
How to deal with missing data while building ML models
Never Null-Check Again
Start using optional types in languages like Java

Khuyen Tran

Data scientist. I share a little bit of goodness every day through daily data science tips: https://mathdatasimplified.com. Khuyen Tran has 13,227 followers.

Latest posts:

Predict Movie Ratings with User-Based Collaborative Filtering
A Comprehensive Introduction to Collaborating Filtering in Python
floWeaver — Turn Flow Data Into a Sankey Diagram In Python
Create and Customize a Sankey Diagram in Several Lines of Code
Checklist — Behavioral Testing of NLP Models
Make Sure Your NLP Model Works as Expected

Parul Pandey

Data Science @H2O.ai | Working at the intersection of product, community and developer advocacy. Parul Pandey has 19,230 followers.

Latest posts:

Interactive Geographical maps with GeoPandas
Explore the geospatial data with interactive visualizations
Render Interactive plots with Matplotlib
A look into matplotlib backends that enable interactivity
Building a compelling Data Science Portfolio with writing
Writing in Data Science can have a transformative effect not only in your journey but also in your career.


A subreddit dedicated to learning machine learning. r/learnmachinelearning has 258,861 subscribers.

Latest posts:

Machine Learning + Augmented Reality Project App Link and Github Code given in the comment from learnmachinelearning
I am trying to make a game that learns how to play itself using reinforcement learning . Here is my first results . I am going to tweak the reward function and put more emphasis on smoothness . from learnmachinelearning


Reddit's home for Artificial Intelligence. r/artificial has 156,999 subscribers.

Latest posts:

First attempt at removing cars off the roads with neural nets. Will have to dream harder. - Chris Harris (@otduet) from artificial
Made my computer trip balls (GAN trained on psychedelic and visionary artworks) from artificial


A place for data science practitioners and professionals to discuss and debate data science career questions. r/datascience has 708,243 subscribers.

Latest posts:

EIT Data Science Masters from datascience
Shout Out to All the Mediocre Data Scientists Out There from datascience


Dedicated to web analytics, data and business analytics. We're here to discuss analysis of data, learning of skills and implementation of web analytics. r/analytics has 118,042 subscribers.

Latest posts:

I've had a dreamy analytics career and am getting out of the game. Here's some of what I've learned. from analytics
A guide to learning data analysis skills from analytics


Computer Science for Computer Scientists. r/algorithms has 83,179 subscribers.

Latest posts:

Where can I find the easiest questions on divide and conquer algorithms? from algorithms
How are a graph and a tree represented as data structures in CLRS' book? from algorithms


Business Intelligence is the process of utilizing organizational data, technology, analytics, and the knowledge of subject matter experts to create data-driven decisions via dashboards, reports, alerts, and ad-hoc analysis. r/BusinessIntelligence has 100,559 subscribers.


Computer Science Theory and Application. We share and discuss any content that computer scientists find interesting. People from all walks of life welcome, including hackers, hobbyists, professionals, and academics. r/compsci has 1,827,455 subscribers.

Latest posts:

Rotating an image recursively. One of my favorite algorithms! from compsci
I assembled a Computer Science Curriculum that helps practice the acquired academic knowledge in Rust. If you want to learn systems programming in Rust or just be a better programmer, this is for you! Critiques and Contributions are welcome! from compsci

Learn AI Together

Share your projects, interesting research papers, great courses, ask questions, find a job, anything related to AI/ML. Learn AI Together has 22,539 members.

  • Keywords: artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, data sciantist, deep learning, learn, ai, ml, dl, programming
  • Categories: Content Creator, Studying & Teaching, Programming, Education, Science & Tech

Data Science/ML/AI

Everything about Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Ai in general. Data Science/ML/AI has 9,398 members.

  • Keywords: data-science, machine-learning, artificial-intelligence, ai, data, analytics, science, python, statistics, deep-learning
  • Categories: Studying & Teaching, Programming, Collaboration, Education, Science & Tech

MLSpace: The Machine Learning Community

We discuss about machine learning, deep learning, data science, kaggle, and python! MLSpace: The Machine Learning Community has 10,044 members.

  • Keywords: machine learning, deep learning, data science, datamuni, ml community, mlspace, kaggle, python
  • Categories: Education

AI Multiverse

This is the place for the discussion and creation of all AI-based entertainment, be it text, images, or even music! AI Multiverse has 17,030 members.

  • Keywords: ai, artificial intelligence, text adventure, deep learning, gpt-3
  • Categories: Programming, Roleplay, Writing, Science & Tech, Gaming


Futurology has 8,280 members.

  • Keywords: future, reddit, technology, science fiction, science-fiction, sci-fi, sci fi, r/futurology, ai, artificial intelligence
  • Categories: Science & Tech

Code Bullet and Co

Day-to-day general and programming related chat & help - and all things Evan. Much more awaits inside... Code Bullet and Co has 25,528 members.

  • Keywords: Code Bullet, AI, Machine Learning, Coding, Programming, Computer Science, YouTube, Tetris, Genetic Algorithm, Code
  • Categories: Gaming, Content Creator, General Chatting, Education, Programming, Entertainment


MIT's Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab. MIT CSAIL has 209,501 followers.

Latest posts:

Kirk Borne

Data Scientist @DataPrime_ai Chief Science Officer. Global Speaker. Founder @LeadershipData. Top #BigData #DataScience #AI #IoT #ML Influencer. PhD Astrophysics. Kirk Borne has 295,497 followers.

Latest posts:

Machine Learning

Everything about #MachineLearning, #DeepLearning #AI #Bigdata #Analytics #DataMining, #DataScience. Machine Learning has 117,372 followers.

Latest posts:

Data Science Dojo

Disrupting the data science education space by offering unique and dynamic courses for individuals and organizations. #DSDojo. Data Science Dojo has 35,325 followers.

Latest posts:


Easy-to-use and general-purpose machine learning in Python. scikit-learn has 15,607 followers.

Latest posts:

Ronald van Loon

Helping data driven companies generating value•Top10Influencer #AI #BigData #DataScience #IoT #MachineLearning #Analytics #Cloud #5G. Ronald van Loon has 268,565 followers.

Latest posts:

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